Tuesday, April 16, 2024

VicPD arrest driver after attempting to hit ‘Free Palestine’ protester this weekend (VIDEO)


On the weekend, VicPD arrested one man from the weekly ‘Free Palestine’ protest that takes place on the lawns of the BC legislature.  

According to police, the man drove his vehicle up onto the sidewalk as hundreds gathered in support of a permanent ceasefire. 

Protesters who were in attendance caught the incident on camera and recorded the situation as VicPD moved in to arrest the driver. 


The man’s initial attempt to hit a protester was caught on camera and he can then be heard making racist comments to another protester who was standing by peacefully in support of a ceasefire in Palestine. 


Supporters of a free Palestine labelled this man a “Pro-Zionist” for his actions and for accusing protesters in attendance of being “fabricators.”

On Monday, December 4th, VicPD released a statement regarding the driver’s actions. 

In this statement they said that the man was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and after he was taken into custody, he was released with a pending future court date. 

“No charges have been recommended yet, but the man was arrested for Assault with a Weapon and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle,” VicPD told Victoria Buzz.

Following this incident, VicPD say that the rest of the peaceful rally for Palestine was able to continue as planned. 

Curtis Blandy

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