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Ocean wars: Vancouver Island diver captures battle between seal and octopus (VIDEO)


A Vancouver Island lucky diver came across something pretty remarkable!

In a terrifying battle of life or death, a giant Pacific octopus is seen trying to escape the jaws of a relentless hungry seal.

Scuba Max, a scuba diving enthusiast, captured this video just off the coast of Vancouver Island and uploaded it to her YouTube channel, wanting to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Since she posted it on January 22nd, it has gained over 6,000 views and plenty of commenters who are just as blown away as she was.

“That’s so cool! Some blue planet content right there—this is going to kill it!” one comment reads. 

“Amazing capture and kudos for holding the camera so steady! Thanks for sharing,” read another.

In her caption, she reveals that she was on a night dive and noticed the seal trying to eat something along the ocean floor.

At first, she thought it was trying to eat something off of a rock, only to quickly realize he was diving at a giant Pacific octopus.

The octopus attempted to ink the seal and dart away, only to have an arm captured in the seal’s sharp teeth, making it rather difficult to make its great escape. 

In a frenzied series of movements, the seal manages to tear off one of the octopus’ arms before the octopus can make its final daring attempt at getting away.

The octopus eventually manages to escape, but not without loss—luckily for these impressive fellows, its arm will grow back.

Below is a video of the attack, be advised that it may be distressing for some viewers.

As she confesses in the video, she felt a deep urge to help the octopus but believes that it’s best not to interfere with nature.

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