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Terrifying footage shows ferry pummeled by waves while traveling through Juan de Fuca Strait (VIDEO)


It would seem that everyone was getting a taste of the ocean’s wrath this week!

Not only did Victoria receive its own heavy hand, particularly along Dallas Road, but incredible footage from bordering areas is beginning to surface as well. 

A Washington State Ferries crew member aboard the M/V Issaquah captured unbelievable video of the waves coming up and into the vessel on Tuesday, January 9th, while traversing through the  Strait of Juan de Fuca.

According to the Washington State Ferries, the boat was traveling from the San Juan Islands to Anacortes.

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Thankfully, only minimal damage has been recorded and there weren’t any passengers on board—the vehicles seen on the vessel belonged to crew members. 

No staff injuries have been reported either.

Note: Inappropriate language is captured in the footage and could be offensive to some viewers. 

In the video, you can see the dramatic tipping of the boat and the thrashing waves as water sweeps underneath the vehicles and washes down the full length of the deck.

The water is seen roaring from one side of the boat to the next as it continues to teeter over large waves and struggle against the wind.

The X post details that despite the frightening appearance of the video, it wouldn’t create any changes in their services. 

Another crew member posted their “adventure” on Facebook, sharing that despite preparing for weather precautions, it exceeded all expectations. 

“We were anticipating heavy weather, but not flood-the-tunnel weather,” one follow-up comment reads.

“I was parked in the tunnel about midship and my car still flooded.”

Another crew member joked about their van getting a free car wash that, thankfully, didn’t flood it.

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