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The Victoria Whisky Festival officially kicks off this Thursday


Attention whisky connoisseurs and curious spirit lovers!

This sought-after event will be kicking off on Thursday, January 18th and running until Sunday, January 21st—and there are still some available tickets left for a few key events.

It will be held at the Hotel Grand Pacific and will feature an expanded lineup of distillers, global brand ambassadors, and distillery managers from around the world that are thrilled to present their unique drams and whisky lore.

Whisky enthusiasts can look forward to more than 200 drams from 50 distilleries representing eleven countries including Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, United States, Japan, Taiwan, India, Finland, Switzerland and France!

Every year brings something fresh and enticing from both veteran distilleries showing new and standard releases, as well as distillers just beginning their whisky journey. 

The welcoming environment, variety of grand tastings, and knowledge gained through masterclasses has encouraged the growing diversity of whisky appreciators worldwide— including an expansion in age and gender demographic. 

In fact, this year’s annual festival is hosting the greatest number of women presenters in the history of the event!

“The Festival lineup is reflective of what people are interested in. Popular distilleries with long histories are in attendance beside brand new distilleries that are trying new things,” said Frank Hudson, Festival President and co-organizer. 

“We have a number of independent bottlers in attendance who will be showcasing unique and often limited whiskies. Whisky is very personal and the Festival is where people can explore something new and different.”

(Victoria Whisky Festival / Photo by Jen Steele Photography)

One of the unique offerings includes the Great Whisky Debate, returning for a second year on Thursday, January 18th—offering a side by side tasting of whiskies from Canada, Scotland and the United States, leaving the audience to decide who made it best!

Additionally, the Lost Distillery Grand Tasting will take place on Friday, January 19th. Participants will see firsthand how their company is protecting Scotland’s whisky heritage by recreating present-day whiskies that resemble popular whiskies crafted a century ago. 

Ticket prices vary depending on event and/or package, and you can view those here.

Proceeds go towards local charitable organizations and community programs, you can view the full list on their website.

Victoria Whisky Festival 2024

  • Where: Hotel Grand Pacific, 463 Belleville Street
  • When: Thursday, January 18th to Sunday, January 21st—times vary 

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