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‘A spirit of reinvention’: Rifflandia announces big change to this year’s festival


Victoria’s biggest music festival just announced yet another stage in its evolution as it continues to grow and change with every passing year.

On Wednesday, February 21st, Rifflandia’s President and CEO, Nick Blasko announced that the festival would be changing the way it’s been operating over the past several years. 

The most recent renditions of Rifflandia have featured two venues, The Park at Royal Athletic Park and Electric Avenue which was located in part on Matullia Lands in Rock Bay and in the ‘backyard’ of Phillips Brewing Company. 

In 2023, the festival was even stretched out over two separate weekends. 

The announcement revealed that going forward, the festival will only be held on one weekend and at just one location. 

Rifflandia Festival will be held solely on the Matullia Lands this year, where last year’s main stage was located and will be scratching the Royal Athletic Park portion of the event. 

“We are honoured to work alongside the team at Matullia to bring this new vision and multi-year plan to life,” said Blasko. 

“For the past 17 years, Rifflandia has served a diverse and creative music-forward community, and throughout that time we have always maintained a spirit of reinvention. Innovation is what drives us as we continue to present the best live music experiences in Victoria.”

The Matullia Holdings lands are owned and operated by the Songhees First Nation after receiving the property from its former owners, BC Hydro. 

Rifflandia signed a multi-year deal with Matullia Holdings, so festival-goers can expect this to be a near-permanent move for the festival. 

The Dome (RMS Media)

The lot was formerly the home of a coal plant, but is now a large, 4.5 acre gravel lot which is rented short term to festivals like Rifflandia, events and to film companies who need space for their vehicles and crews. 

Rifflandia also announced the dates that the festival will be taking place in 2024, which will be spanning three days from September 13th to 15th. 

In recent years, Rifflandia has hosted some of the world’s biggest musical acts of every genre, including Run The Jewels, Iggy Pop, Lorde, Charli XCX, Paris Hilton, Suicidal Tendencies, Melanie C, Herbie Hancock and so many more. 

The festival runners say that they are looking forward to sharing more about what people can expect from this year’s Rifflandia in the coming months. 

Who is on your Rifflandia wishlist—who would you like to see them pull into Victoria to play the city’s biggest music festival?

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Curtis Blandy

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