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Beating winter blues: Amica Jubilee House shares uplifting event from last week (PHOTOS)


Everyone deserves to be pampered and socialization is important for rainy days!

It’s no secret that Victoria’s rainy season can be quite gray and cold, making the winter months detrimental to many people’s mental health—especially for anyone living in isolation or without a busy social life. 

This is why it’s so important to remain connected with family and friends, or make new friends and find cozy ways to stay entertained while it pours outside. 

The Amica Jubilee House, a Victoria retirement residence, is one such place that tries to emphasize the importance of community and social interaction for their senior residents.

They decided to share uplifting photos from this special event in hopes of inspiring others to do something similar and beat those frosty blues!

Last Thursday night, the residence hosted an Enchanted Soirée to bring everyone together to make the most of this winter season and lift spirits. 

(Enchanted Soirée / Amica Jubilee House)
(Enchanted Soirée / Amica Jubilee House)

The Enchanted Soirée brought these thrilled residents a gorgeous display of culinary delights, music, dancing, games and crafts!

Dazzling decor had been thoughtfully erected and there was an elegant archway of balloons and decor for those hoping to pose for a quick photo.

Everyone left the event feeling satisfied—full to the brim with good food, music, and company.

(Enchanted Soirée / Amica Jubilee House)
(Enchanted Soirée / Amica Jubilee House)

Through purposeful programming, Amica Jubilee House does their best to combat seasonal blues by curating special events and activities on a regular basis. 

“Socializing becomes a source of joy and resilience, helping residents navigate through the colder months with a positive outlook,” Amica said in a media release.

(Enchanted Soirée / Amica Jubilee House)

What do you like to do to combat the winter blues, Victoria?

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