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Brace yourselves, Victoria: Snow might be on the horizon


Despite the cheerful blossoms hinting at spring’s arrival, residents of the Greater Victoria region may need to dust off their winter gear one more time.

Environment Canada has issued a forecast that includes the potential snowfall by Monday evening, casting a frosty shadow over the otherwise mild weather.

As of the latest update, there’s a 40% chance of witnessing delicate snowflakes dancing in the air. However, the concern extends beyond Victoria, with the weather agency alerting residents across the province to brace themselves for a vigorous storm.

Scheduled to sweep through BC this weekend (February 24th and 25th), this tempest is anticipated to unleash heavy snowfall, particularly in interior highway passes and mountainous regions.

If you’re planning any travels during this time, exercise caution and ensure you’re adequately prepared for potentially treacherous road conditions.

While southern Vancouver Island may escape the worst of it, those residing in higher elevations or farther north should remain vigilant.

Nevertheless, don’t stash away your spring attire just yet.

Despite the impending snowfall, temperatures are forecasted to rebound swiftly, with a high of 7°C expected the following day.

So, whether you’re admiring the cherry blossoms in downtown Victoria or bracing against the chilly winds atop Mount Finlayson, remember to stay informed, stay safe, and embrace the ever-changing beauty of our beloved city’s climate.

After all, in Victoria, surprises come in all shapes and sizes – even in the form of unexpected snowflakes.

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