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Here’s why Langford is a top spot for bird watching during spring season


As the spring season approaches, British Columbia gears up for the influx of millions of migratory birds making their journey across the province, turning it into a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Known for its diverse habitats and strategic location along the Pacific Flyway migration route, BC offers some of the best birdwatching opportunities in North America during this time of the year.

The province’s prominence as a birdwatching destination is further underscored by the launch of, a platform designed to make birding accessible for everyone.

In collaboration with the City of Langford, the website features a specialized Langford birdwatching itinerary, complete with essential information for self-guided tours.

“Because we’re located along the Pacific Flyway migration route – which is one of the four major migratory flyways in North America – we are in the perfect position to witness millions of birds following ancestral migration pathways through our province,” explains Hollie Galloway, Project Coordinator with The BC Bird Trail.

From bird species likely to be spotted to key birding hotspots like Goldstream Provincial Park, Langford Lake, and Mount Finlayson, the platform serves as a comprehensive guide for birding enthusiasts.

Springtime in Langford offers a plethora of birdwatching options, with species such as Buffleheads, Gadwalls, Ring-necked, Hooded & Common Mergansers, Canvasbacks, Common Goldeneyes, and Ruddy Ducks gracing the region with their presence.

This season also presents a prime opportunity for spotting rare bird species, as indicated by the BC Rare Bird Alert blog.

“Every spring, as birds migrate back to their home base, they seek food and shelter along the way which allows birdwatchers in BC the unique opportunity to spot large flocks of birds, sometimes reaching numbers in the hundreds of thousands during the spring migration season. Plus, the spring migration season can sometimes yield sightings of unique and rare species which is always very exciting for our local birding communities.”

Spring’s warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours create optimal conditions for extended and comfortable birdwatching excursions.

An expansive list of birds that can be spotted exclusively in the springtime in BC can be found here.

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