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TEDx returns to Victoria this May showcasing brilliance within our community


The passionate, the curious, the seekers of knowledge—you’ll want to grab your day-planners!

TEDxVictoria is set to showcase at the historic McPherson Playhouse in the heart of Victoria on May 15th, marking nearly a decade since TEDx’s last appearance in 2015.

The event will host a total of 12 speakers, each with their own allocated time in the spotlight to share their original ideas with audiences. 

As described, this year’s theme is “It’s up to us,” and will bring Victoria together for inspiring conversations that challenge inaction and encourage change personally, globally, and locally to Victoria.

You may already be familiar with TED, which is similar in guidelines and licensing, but TEDx is self-organized by volunteers!

This year’s event is being led by local entrepreneur Marco Pimentel—the TEDxVictoria Licensee and CMO of Redbrick, a Victoria-based technology company.

“Victoria is a uniquely close-knit community brimming with diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives,” said Pimentel.

“There’s a deep need for connection, and I think TEDx is exactly the event to bring our community together.”

The full-day event will feature speakers, live performances, interactive community exhibitions—all thrilled to share their research, innovative concepts, personal stories, and transformative experiences.

March will bring the official announcement of speakers, so stay tuned! If you’re interested in being one of the 12 speakers, they’re still accepting applications here!

Tickets start at $82.50 until March 14th, and will then go up to $93. Students can purchase tickets for $72.

All the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards venue costs or pay-it-forward tickets that ensure those facing financial barriers can attend. 

Also worth mentioning is the secondary TEDx event happening just before this one—TEDxRRU (Royal Roads University) will take place on May 3rd. 

Although they’re not co-organized, TEDxVictoria is thrilled to fuel the growing hunger for knowledge within the city and encourage others to check out both events.

TEDxVictoria at McPherson Playhouse

  • Where: McPherson Playhouse, 3 Centennial Square
  • When: Wednesday, May 15th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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