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Vancouver Island’s newest ferry service announced they will expand sailings


Over the past decade, Vancouver Island has witnessed the arrival and departure of several ferry services, many of which encountered rocky beginnings.

However, the island’s latest ferry operator appears to be turning the tide with its proactive approach and innovative thinking.

The Hullo foot-passenger ferry, which connects downtown Nanaimo and downtown Vancouver, has announced plans to increase its daily sailings and allow passengers to bring additional baggage onboard.

Starting in March, the company will operate six round-trip sailings Thursday through Monday, up from four previously.

As an example of being proactive, in September, Hullo introduced 10 extra late-night sailings to accommodate attendees of various events, including concerts by Coldplay, Pink, Morgan Wallen, Guns N’ Roses, and Canucks hockey games.

Additionally, the company will now offer seven round-trip sailings on days when Vancouver hosts major sporting events or concerts in the evening.

Hullo reports that it is meeting its projected customer demand, as forecasted prior to launching its service in August 2023, with over 150,000 passenger trips to date.

To address one of the primary complaints addressed by passengers was the inability to accommodate luggage. So starting next month, customers will have the option to bring extra bags for a fee.

And although we’re hesitant to tempt fate (but let’s be real), the company plans to offer late-night sailings for the Vancouver Canucks playoffs when that time comes.

The cost for an additional bag, measuring up to 62 inches in width, height, and depth, will be $25 one way or $45 round trip. Furthermore, sports equipment will also be accepted.

Have you traveled with Hullo yet? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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