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Beached orca dies off Vancouver Island community despite efforts (VIDEO)


In a heartbreaking turn of events, a female killer whale met a devastating fate after beaching in a remote area off the northern coast of Vancouver Island.

Despite valiant efforts by the community near the village of Zeballos to assist the stranded mammal, the orca succumbed to its plight on Saturday.

A videos circulating on social media captured the urgency and determination of dozens of individuals as they worked tirelessly to save the distressed creature.

Their efforts included attempts to flip the whale over and covering it with wet towels in a bid to keep it hydrated.

Amidst the scene, a calf could be seen swimming nearby, adding to the urgency of the rescue mission.

Tragically, just before noon on Saturday, the Marine Education and Research Society delivered the sad news that the mother orca had drowned.

Identified as a member of the Bigg’s killer whale population, the organization emphasized the rapid changes in tide in the area, potentially contributing to the orca’s predicament.

Witnesses reported the presence of a deceased seal nearby, suggesting that the mother orca may have been hunting before becoming stranded.

The fate of the calf now hangs in the balance, with the Marine Education and Research Society highlighting that its survival hinges on factors such as age and family structure.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) are on scene.

Community members worked alongside DFO, venturing out on a boat Saturday afternoon in a bid to locate the calf’s pod.

“Using a photo of the right side eyepatch our team was able to confirm that T109A3, a 14 year old female Bigg’s killer whale was the individual which stranded alive this morning and subsequently drown as the tide came in, “ read a social media post on Bay Cetology, a team of marine biologists and research technicians based out of Alert Bay.

“In an effort to remain close to its Mum, her 2 year old T109A3A, navigated the shallows and slipped into the lagoon behind her at high slack where it began to call out repeatedly. “

“It may find its own way out but will likely need some coaxing, as killer whales often do in such situations. Our team has remained on site to document and assist with further efforts by DFO,” added the organization.

Now, the community is mourning the loss of the beached orca and is planning to hold a vigil for the survival of its offspring.

A whale has died after becoming stranded along the shore. The video shows a crowd of people attempting to help it. DFO were called to the area to aid the orca; however, despite the intense efforts to rescue her, the mother has drowned. Her calf is nearby. The incoming tide and inability to refloat her, leaving her on her side, led to her death.📍 Causeway outside of ZeballosVideo by Tracy Smith

Posted by Vancouver Island Buzz on Saturday, March 23, 2024

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