Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sunny days ahead: Victoria temperatures could reach a high of 19°C this weekend


Get ready to bask in the warmth, Victoria!

After enduring a stretch of cloudy skies and rain(and even cooler temperatures), Victorians are in for a delightful change.

According to Environment Canada, the weekend forecast for Victoria promises abundant sunshine and a welcomed rise in temperatures.

As we bid farewell to the dreary weather of recent days, Victoria is set to embrace a sunny transformation.

With the mercury climbing steadily throughout the week, Friday will see highs of 14°C, followed by a delightful peak of 19°C on Saturday, with Sunday maintaining the pleasant trend with a high of 17°C.

(Environment Canada)

But perhaps the most anticipated highlight is the promise of clear skies and uninterrupted sunshine throughout the entire weekend.

The arrival of spring has not only brought forward the clocks but also ushered in a shift in weather patterns.

After enduring blustery winds this past weekend, residents can now look forward to enjoying the outdoors under the radiant warmth of the sun.

So, dust off those sunglasses and make the most of this weekend’s sunny forecast in beautiful Victoria.

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