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Victoria-based father and son duo star in new season of ‘How I Got Here’


For anyone in need of a heartwarming story of reconnection and family strength, you’ll want to tune in!

Estranged for 11 years, Victoria-based father and son Adonis and Jordan Puentes embark on a journey of healing, reconnection and mutual understanding in the second season of How I Got Here, produced by Forté Entertainment.

It will air on Super Channel Heart & Home on Monday, March 4th and be available ON DEMAND after that. 

Victoria Buzz had the pleasure of interviewing both of them regarding their time on the show as well as what will follow post-production—both were happy to share their story of initial reconnection as well as how the documentary opportunity came about. 

In their episode of How I Got Here, we watch as they embark on a life-changing trip to Cuba to explore their family’s vibrant musical legacy, reunite with generations of relatives, and re-establish their bond as father and son. 

Having grown up in Canada without his father’s influence from a young age, Jordan missed learning about his family’s heritage in Cuba, and therefore, felt a piece of his identity was missing. 

Adonis reached out around three years ago when Jordan was 19, and from there they began rebuilding their relationship after years apart. 

Upon the presentation of this documentary opportunity, they discussed what this could mean for them and agreed to take the leap. 

“We’re excited,” Jordan and Adonis said simultaneously and laughed.

“It’s a very strong story about reconnection, love and embracing each other…it took a lot of vulnerability to go on this journey,” Jordan added.

“It’s about my history, my dad’s history, and us getting close as father and son.”

(Adonis and Jordan)

As they get ready for the episode to premier, Jordan chuckled and added they’re both gathering snacks and tissues, preparing for the emotion that’s sure to re-emerge upon watching their trip to Cuba unfold.

When asked if it felt intrusive to have the cameras around during their vulnerable moments, Adonis said that despite his familiarity with cameras through his music career, this was way different and it did take a few days to get used to.

“You’re up so early…and you’re tired, so your guard is down. I remember thinking at the beginning ‘I won’t be crying in front of the camera’,” Adonis laughed. 

“But it became very real upon arriving in Cuba, seeing family members, being with Jordan…it was very emotional.”

Jordan agreed, that in the beginning, you’re so acutely aware of the camera and what your body is doing and what you look like, but after day four you just go through your day and they fade into the background.

Throughout the episode, we see Jordan reconnect with family members, wander his father’s old neighbourhoods and learn more about his father’s childhood—in turn, developing a better understanding of who Adonis was as a boy and why he left Cuba with his twin brother at the age of 21 in search of better opportunities in Canada. 

Having committed to this experience, Jordan expressed how huge this trip was in developing a deeper connection with Andonis and giving them the tools to continue growing together in the long run. 

Especially through their mutual love for music and the cultural significance behind playing as a community and as a family. 

(How I Got Here Season 2)

“It’s very inspiring, not only for us to look back on but for the world to see. There’s a lot of people in the same boat, a lot of people who are disconnected from their family,” Jordan said.

“It takes a lot of strength to go on this journey, but it’s one of the most important decisions you can make in life.”

Adonis underlined his thankfulness for Jordan having said yes to not only reconnecting, but jumping on the opportunity to share their story with others. Adonis himself, he confessed, was hesitant to have their situation broadcasted at first.

“I wasn’t sure about opening doors into my life…I keep my private life to myself,” Adonis said.

“But I mentioned it to Jordan…and I thought about it [and] I came to the conclusion that a lot of people are going through the same thing…the ones that suffer the most are the children in between. Humans are meant to be social, meant to be connected—that’s the reason I said yes.”

And it was well worth it. The moments they share on and off screen truly speak to the amount of emotional work that was being done, and they both said it was a beautiful thing to come together. 

Jordan said that although the big vulnerable moments were certainly highlights, it’s the little things that really meant the most. This includes seemingly mundane activities such as getting ready in the morning while they brush their teeth or trim their facial hair. Those were moments that expressed ease and comfortability and came so naturally.

Upon returning from Cuba, they plan on actively continuing to spend time together, whether it’s to play music, get a bite to eat, or play soccer or basketball—they don’t ever want to lose touch again.

Jordan expressed his dedication to remain connected to his Cuban roots and continue to develop his musical talents and take trips back with his father whenever possible, as the community there is so welcoming and affectionate.

“Especially for the mangoes,” Jordan laughed.

Their main hope in having this experience shared on How I Got Here is to inspire others to challenge themselves in the same way they have and reconnect with estranged loved ones. 

(How I Got Here Season 2)

For anyone who is unfamiliar, How I Got Here is a TV series that focuses on second-generation children accompanying their parents back to their country of origin, to relive the sacrifice, struggle and dramatic circumstances that led to their families coming to North America.

Jordan has continued developing his musical talents and will be releasing a music video on March 22nd, so stay tuned for that!

“It was inspired by Cuba, so it brings the story to a close,” Jordan concluded.

(How I Got Here Season 2)

As described on Adonis’ website, he and his fraternal twin, Alexis, now better known as Alex Cuba, were born in 1974 in Artemisa, Cuba. Their father, Valentin Puentes is a well-respected musician and teacher, and at six the twins were playing in a children’s guitar ensemble. 

At 14, Adonis was singing and writing original songs, music that has ripened and matured into the award-winning, world-renowned musician he is today.

You can view the trailer for the second season of How I Got Here on Super Channel’s website.

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