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Victoria mom launches notification website for kids’ recreational activities


For all the parents out there, this is for you!

Many (if not all) parents are already familiar with the repetitive and daunting task that comes with sifting through the sheer volume of possible kids camps in Greater Victoria—not to mention the competitive rush to sign up. 

With so many organizations, camp dates, websites and registration times, how does one keep up?—well, local parent Iva Fancello may have the answers you’ve been searching for.

In a shared sense of dread when it comes to keeping track of registration dates and requirements, Fancello launched Victoria Register Now!

It’s a website dedicated to keeping track of all the available recreational activities in the area and has both a free component and a paid membership option.

“When I started the process, all of the information was kind of spread all over. I wanted to bring it to one location…I did all the research myself,” she told Victoria Buzz. 

The idea sparked from the conversations she would have with other parents in the area as well as her sisters, who all shared an equal dread when it came time to look for camp opportunities for their children. 

“I felt like it was a service that needed to be provided…I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.”

She added that in order to organize further, she sorted it into Spring Break, Summer Camps, Winter Camps and Swimming Lessons, so you can scroll based on your kids’ interests!

Each category contains an alphabetical list of different organizations that offer recreational activities and links to their websites—starting with the community centres and shifting into the private camps or speciality camps. 

The free component of the service provides links for parents to do their own follow-up research, whereas the paid subscription will send text reminders about registration dates and updates. 

For her membership fees, she charges $10 every three months or $30 for the year, ensuring that it compensates her for her time but remains accessible/affordable.

“This way parents don’t have to keep checking back online to see when new information is posted, they get to sit back and receive the texts and have the information given to them.”

When asked about how long it took her to get everything together, she laughed and said it wasn’t too bad compared to the amount of time it will save herself as well as other parents in the long run!

Now you can approach sign-ups in a whole new way—happy looking!

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