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Victoria radio station’s annual ‘Funding Drive’ feeling impact of Online News Act


CFUV has been integral to the local music scene and to the community throughout Greater Victoria since they first hit the airwaves in 1984. 

They are a volunteer-based, non-profit community radio station based out of UVic and this year, they celebrate their 40th anniversary of being on air by setting an ambitious goal of $40,000 in their annual Funding Drive.

According to station staff, his year’s Funding Drive will be their most difficult yet. 

Not only because of the goal they’ve set for themselves, but also because all their social media content on Facebook and Instagram is being blocked by Meta because of the Canadian Online News Act. 

Koby Andrews, host of CFUV’s show ‘Hot Local Singles In Your Playlist’ and member of its board of directors told Victoria Buzz that by not having the ability to raise awareness for Funding Drive on social media, their voice has been “essentially neutered.” 

“It’s taken away CFUV’s primary mode of communication,” Andrews explained. “It’s made it more difficult to get the word out there to people who want to actively support CFUV.”

“The [Online News Act] has diminished engagement to some of the people that care the most.”

Andrews says that the money raised goes a long way and only adds to what CFUV can offer the community it serves. 

Recently, the board of directors brought full-time staff who operate and administrate the station up to a livable wage and CFUV’s space is set to undergo some renovations soon to help make their control room and studios more accessible. 

“Just making it a more inclusive space for more people to participate,” Andrews remarked.

Beyond these endeavours, what the station can garner from their Funding Drive will go toward more community events, shows, programming improvements and engagements, according to Andrews. 

“There’s some community stations across the country that raise, like, over $100,000,” Andrews told Victoria Buzz.

“They are able to make that money because their able to spend more money on doing stuff like throwing live music events which until this year CFUV wasn’t doing.”

This year, because they are having to lean into word of mouth to raise awareness about Funding Drive, CFUV is producing three shows with all local bands with all proceeds going to the station.


Their Funding Drive Kickoff Show is slated for Thursday, March 14th at Upstairs Cabaret. It will feature local indie-adjacent acts Millet, Head with Feet, Sofia Miller and Sweet Delirium.

The second show will feature local punks and rockers, ex-cowboy, Conjure Hand and Poppa Don Gernie. It will take place at Lucky Bar on Thursday, March 21st.

Lastly there will be a slower, calmer, more folk-centric show on Friday, March 22nd at Vinyl Envy with local bands, HopeCity Waters, Niloo and Shark Bite Spite. 

In addition to these shows, the station is running a bake sale on March 15th and hosting a local-focussed online auction with a ton of items donated from Victoria businesses. 

Those who make donations online can get CFUV swag, including tote bags, shirts, sweaters, socks or even a handmade radio that is designed to pick up campus and college radio specifically, across Canada. 

Andrews says he is proud of the work done by everyone at the station, all the volunteers and the bands whose music they play because all those involved work diligently together for the common goal of adding to the rich tapestry of community.

“To see CFUV really be a boon to the community, where its not taking advantage of anyone and everyone walks away for the better, it’s like, pretty unique,” he concluded.

Any and all info about CFUV’s Funding Drive can be found online here. To listen, you can stream their broadcasts online or tune into 101.9 FM. 

Curtis Blandy

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