Content Funding on Victoria Buzz

At Victoria Buzz, we’re all about keeping you informed – and that’s exactly why, in the order of transparency, we wanted to offer a breakdown on the different types of funded content and community partnership that you will see across all of our platforms.

We work with our partners in a number of different ways so that we can provide you with the most engaging content possible, and you will find all of our collaborative work labelled under either, “Branded Content”, “Presented By” or “Community Partnership”.

Branded Content:

Victoria Buzz’s “Branded Content” is sponsored advertising that is created in conjunction with an advertiser and produced by our Branded Content writers separate from our Editorial team. We love diving right in to create content that both we and the advertiser can be proud of, while still giving our readers something exciting and engaging.

Presented By:

“Presented By” is used to describe Victoria Buzz content that is a collaboration between our writing team and the advertiser. They may be involved in product placement within the content, or even the general direction of topics and/or themes throughout, but in all instances, Victoria Buzz will have the last say will use our creative license to on the production before it is finalized.

Community Partnership:

At Victoria Buzz, “Community Partnership” means partnering with different companies and organizations in order to bring you the most relevant, up-to-date and newsworthy content out there. Alongside our writers, we work with a wide range of people and places to provide content held to the same high standards as any other we produce.

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