Thursday, July 29, 2021

Meet the team!

Meet the founder and the wonderful team at Victoria Buzz

Mike Kelly


Mike, who has a girl gang of 5 (including Milly), started this adventure in 2012 when he saw there was a need in local coverage of what's happening in and around Victoria. In his spare time, he’s an avid hockey fan (go Royals!) and strives to have the nicest lawn on the Saanich Peninsula.

Nicole Bentham

Sales & Promotions Director

Nicole has been with Victoria Buzz since 2016 and holds a Bachelor of Arts. In grade two, her teacher told her she’d never get paid to talk all day, but now she’s proving her wrong by putting her money where her mouth is as the team’s number one salesperson and media host. Outside of work, she’s a wife and mom of two and is WAY better at Tetris than you’ll ever be.

Brishti Basu

Senior Staff Writer & Content Manager

Brishti has been a journalist at Victoria Buzz since 2017, and has bylines in VICE, BBC Future, National Geographic, and more. She spends her spare time fighting the urge to tweet things incessantly, often failing, but usually resorting to internet dog videos as a source of comfort and solace in this crazy world.

Seanna Wainman

Branded Content Manager

Seanna has been with Victoria Buzz since 2018 and holds a degree from BCIT in broadcast journalism. Her childhood days of reading the dictionary for fun have finally paid off, and she’s now now living out her dream being a sports reporter and covering branded content. Outside of work, she’s a mom and step-mom of three girls and collects tattoos for fun.

Tim Ford

Staff Writer & Content Creator

Tim is a half-Chinese writer and author from Calgary. He has had bylines with CBC, the National Observer, and the Tyee, and his fiction has been published by Neo-Opsis Magazine, EDGE Science Fiction, and Tyche Books.


Chief Hair Distribution Officer

Bailey is a lifelong member of the New Dogmocratic Party. She is a strong believer in fair and balanced head scratches.


Toy Durability Analyst

Milly was Victoria Buzz' first official office dog, and will disturb the peace and win your heart over, all at the same time. Aside from being a champion snuggler, she enjoys long walks at the dog park and all of the bacon treats she can eat. Oh, and she'll probably steal your spot on the couch.