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A recent Statistics Canada survey has revealed that on average, British Columbians pay less than $7 per gram of marijuana.

Though the survey is still active, at $6.94/gram of B.C. bud is currently the cheapest across Canada.

The Prairies and Ontario are both closely in second place, at $7.11 and $7.29 per gram respectively. According to the survey, Canada’s average price per gram is $7.43, though perhaps skewed by the Territories’ high cost of $9.52 per gram.

Cheaper Than Other Provinces, Much Cheaper Than States

South of the border, it appears things are much more expensive.

According to, the state of Washington averages $11.64 per gram for “medium” quality pot in the Dispensary Recreational category, while Colorado averages $15.51 per gram for the same criteria.

Of course, the data accumulating by Stats Canada could include people buying street pot, which could influence the stark contrast to prices in legalized states such as Washington and Colorado.

The data has been collected since January 25th, and has had over 15,000 responses. With legalization looming, Stats Canada is hoping to gain a better understanding of marijuana users across the nation.

Victoria has roughly 20 dispensaries located around town.

Average cost of marijuana per gram across Canada

  1. British Columbia – $6.94
  2. Prairies – $7.11
  3. Ontario – $7.29
  4. Quebec – $7.80
  5. Atlantic provinces – $7.53
  6. Territories – $9.52

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