Local historian releases book on history of saloons and bars of Victoria between 1851-1917

Get the perfect Christmas gift for the avid reader you know with Glen Mofford’s first book, Aqua Vitae.

Mofford’s book delves into the shocking history behind the saloons and bars of Victoria from 1851 until the early years of prohibition in 1917. Behind the cover reveals true stories and gruesome secrets, including the story of the murder of Mike Powers, proprietor of the Garrick’s Head pub, which still stands in downtown Victoria.

The book is made up of various short stories that took place in Victoria’s saloons and bars.

From the raunchy saloons that lined Victoria’s notorious Johnson street to the lavish high-class hotel bars like the Driard and the Empress, Aqua Vitae is a collection of fascinating true stories from the days of swinging doors, smoky bars, and five-cent beers.

“I wrote it simply because there is so much history in Victoria that was ignored. Our social history over the past 150 so years is captured in this book,” Mofford told Victoria Buzz.

The book makes a perfect holiday gift for anyone who loves a good cold drink and entertaining stories from the past. You can find copies of his book on Amazon, in local books stores and online. You can also follow the author on Twitter.

The book is available at Chapters, Munro’s, and Bolen Books.


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