Victoria police have sent out another advisory after a woman reported she was pricked by a needle that was seemingly placed purposely in a planter.

The photos released show a syringe placed in the soil with the needle sticking up, lying in wait for its next unsuspecting victim.

The incident occurred in the 700-block of Johnson Street, and the woman in question told officers that she had been jabbed by another needle in a planter in the same area about a week ago.

This is the third needle-pricking incident in downtown Victoria within the same week – just a few days ago, a dog-walker and a 3-year old were both victims of the same negligent behaviour at different locations downtown.

Anyone with information is asked to contact VicPD’s non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654 or report anonymously to Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.