Yesterday we brought to you the story of a Duncan couple who adopted three-year-old Vietnamese potbelly pig Molly from the SPCA, and then proceeded to kill and eat her when they realized that they didn’t know how to raise her.

Molly’s owners were identified on Facebook by RASTA Sanctuary – the non-profit organization that was responsible for rescuing Molly from a hoarding situation last year – as Austin Manson Forget and his girlfriend Lauren Combs.

Since then, the two have been receiving several messages of reprehension and even death threats, which prompted Austin Manson Forget to post an apology message to his Facebook page yesterday.

“I do feel remorse and regret for my actions”

His post addresses people’s anger over what he did, and apologizes for his actions, acknowledging that he has no way to take it back.

Forget also states that his decision to put down Molly was based on her “becoming aggressive” with his partner’s dog, and trying to break through their glass door.

He goes on to comment that the incident made the SPCA inspect his home and how he treats his animals.

Read the full post below:



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