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Justin McElroy, a CBC Journalist who you might remember from his viral competition to find the best Canadian TV show of all time, has made another set of rankings: The Best Breweries in Victoria.

Using a somewhat scientific method, McElroy and a select few tasters scored each brewery out of 50 points, with five distinct categories making up the total.

  • QUALITY — 20 points: how do the beers generally taste?
  • STANDOUT — 5 points: Do you have a favourite beer from the brewery?
  • DIVERSITY — 10 points: How many selections do they have in the tap room?
  • INNOVATION — 5 points: Do they put their own spin on beers?
  • EXPERIENCE — 10 points: How did you feel coming away from the tasting room?

Victoria Breweries

According to McElroy’s blog, “A score below 25 is bad. A score above 30 is fully acceptable. A score above 35 indicates real quality. A score above 40 is elite.”

As with any set of subjective rankings, McElroy’s have already generated some controversy. In fact, they’ve already drummed up dozens of not-so-supportive comments across social media and on Reddit:

Reddit Victoria Best Beer
Screenshot via Reddit

Also of note, three breweries in the area have been excluded: Sooke Brewing Company and Bad Dog Brewing for being too new, and Mayne Island Brewing, because of its limited opening hours.

Justin McElroy’s Rankings of Victoria Breweries

*To be clear, Victoria Buzz doesn’t endorse these rankings.

15 Vancouver Island Brewing 23.92
14 Twa Dogs 24.5
13 Canoe 25.25
12 Sooke Oceanside 27.5
11 Moon Under Water 28.3
10 Lighthouse 31.4
9 Spinnakers 32.58
8 Hoyne 32.81
7 Salt Spring Ales 33.13
6 Swans 33.5
5 Axe & Barrel 35.6
4 4 Mile 36.14
3 Phillips 36.75
2 Category 12 37.0
1 Driftwood 38.7


What do you think of this top 15? Let us know in the comments.

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