Hunt for your old treasure and turn it into CASH!

This weekend, Coins of Canada is hosting a free event to give you a chance to earn some money in exchange for the coins, gold, and silver you have buried in the attic or deep in your dresser.

Maybe it’s jewellery given to you by an old flame, or relative that isn’t quite to your taste. Or a coin collection that is simply collecting dust. The experts at Coins of Canada will be able to give you an appraisal and maybe even an offer.

Instead of letting these precious metals sit in a dark corner, bring them over to the Oak Bay Recreation Centre on Sunday and trade them in for some cold, hard cash!

Then you can use this money to embark on a summer adventure, or maybe even buy some new jewellery that you’ll actually wear.

Happy hunting, and see you on Sunday!

Get Cash for the Summer Event

  • When: Sunday, June 24th, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Where: Oak Bay Recreation Centre, 1975 Bee Street

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