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A terrified dog was rescued by Victoria Police and Victoria Animal Control on Saturday night after being stranded on a rock 150 feet offshore of Dallas Road.

At approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday evening, police and animal control officers waded into the cold black waters of the Pacific Ocean to reach the dog, who was in obvious distress.

“He was at the end of this line of rocks near Ross Bay Cemetary,” said Ian Fraser, a Senior Animal Control Officer who was present during the rescue.

“The dog was perched at the very last rock and howling and generally not happy.”

After many failed attempts by Fraser and the two police officers to coax the dog closer to shore, the team waded through 2-foot deep water to reach the animal.

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Once the dog was wrangled with a catch pole device, officers found a gift card attached to his collar with the words, “Hello my name is Dingo” written on the back.

While the gift card appeared to be valued at $25, officers found that it had no active balance remaining.

Dingo is now under the care of Victoria Animal Control, which hopes to reunite him with his owner. If Dingo’s owner does not come forward, the dog will be put up for adoption following a 96 hour period.

Anyone with information on Dingo is asked to contact animal control at 250-414-0233.

Do you know this dog? He was found wearing this gift card on his collar at Dallas Rd at about 11 pm on Saturday Mar. 2….

Posted by Victoria Animal Control Services Ltd. on Tuesday, March 5, 2019