(A current Elk/Beaver Lake washroom / CRD)

Construction of three entirely new washroom facilities at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park begins today, according to the CRD.

The facilities are being constructed to meet the service demands of the nearly 1.6 million visitors who use the park each year, and to replace the old facilities which are reaching the end of their life cycle.

The bathrooms will be fully accessible, have complete plumbing with flush toilets, make use of natural lighting through skylights, and have energy efficient LED lighting installed.

The washrooms will also transition away from using a septic field and will attach to a proper sewer line.

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They will be built at the Filter Beds, Beaver Beach, and Eagle Beach areas of the park.

While construction is taking place, portable toilets will be placed at the park for visitors to use.

“Visitors can expect noise and dust in these areas during construction,” says the CRD. “We ask that visitors use caution around equipment and crews.”

The total cost for the project is projected to be roughly $1,100,000 and construction is expected to be complete in late December, 2019.