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While this incident did not take place on Vancouver Island, it still serves as a reminder for all parents and guardians here.

On Thursday, May 9th, Burnaby RCMP attended reports of an unconscious baby boy inside a vehicle at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Once they arrived on site, the 16-month-old infant was transported to the hospital where he was declared deceased.

Police was told that the baby was left unaccompanied in the vehicle for several hours.

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They were able to locate the infant’s father at the scene, and have advised that both parents are cooperating with the investigation.

“We would ask that the public understand we are still in the early stages of our investigation,” says Chief Superintendent Deanne Burleigh, Officer-in-Charge at Burnaby RCMP.

“We are still interviewing witnesses and are not at a point where any further information can be released.”

No arrests have been made in relation to this incident.

The incident has prompted authorities to advise parents of the dangers associated with leaving children in vehicles, particularly as the weather gets warmer.

Police are also asking that parents are vigilant when transporting their children, double checking the backseat of the vehicle to ensure it is clear before parking and leaving the vehicle.

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