(PSD Erik and Cpl. Sansome/Photo by Victoria Buzz)

A man who broke into a construction site in View Royal wasn’t able to get away with it, thanks to West Shore RCMP police dog Erik and his human partner Cpl. Sansome.

At around midnight on June 28th, an alarm company monitoring a live feed at a construction site in View Royal alerted police to a break and enter.

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The suspect had broken into the building located at 280 Island Highway, prompting West Shore RCMP to send their K-9 team to conduct a search.

Once PSD Erik was deployed, he immediately located the suspect and pulled his handler Cpl. Sansome to the side of the building where the man was hiding.

The suspect was then located and arrested right away.

“With all of the new construction happening in the West Shore we have received several complaints of break and enter and theft from construction sites,” said Cst. Nancy Saggar.

“Having the Police Dog Service on hand to help track suspects is crucial in these types of investigations.”

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