(Todd Creek Trestle/CRD)

A comprehensive restoration project has been announced for Todd Creek Trestle on the Galloping Goose Trail, along with a smaller safety improvement plan for the Swan Lake Trestle.

Starting September 16th, the CRD will be spending $1.5 on improving the 4-storey Todd Creek Trestle.

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The project includes replacing timbers, foundation, support posts, stringers, braces, deck planks and guard rails, and the trestle is expected to reopen in February 2020.

The Swan Lake Trestle on Lochside Regional trail, on the other hand, will have new fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) panels covering the surface of the ageing, uneven deck boards.

This smaller project will cost the CRD around $15,000, and the trestle is expected to reopen by October 11th, 2019.

“There will be increased activity and active construction at both trestles during this time,” reads a statement from the District.

“We ask the public to not enter these areas until the trestles are officially reopened, once construction and safety assessments are completed.”