(Blinkhorn Nature Park/Photo by Hugh McLaughlan - Google)

A leashed dog suffered injuries during an allegedly unprovoked attack by another dog in Metchosin on Sunday.

According to pet owner Jesse Szczepanowski, his dog was on leash walking at Blinkhorn Lake park when she was attacked by a pitbull/boxer cross. 

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In a Facebook post, Szczepanowski states that the attack was unprovoked and left his dog with small puncture wounds on her neck and leg. 

“The dog would not release even after multiple kicks and once it did release it bit my shoe and then went right back and pinned her down again and continued attacking,” he writes.

“The attack was so hard of force it pulled my dogs collar (attached to my leash) right off.”

The offending dog was being walked by a man and a woman who both appeared to be in their early 30s and were walking around five to six dogs.

Szczepanowski says that once confronted, the owners claimed that the attacking dog did not belong to them.

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“After the attack happened I asked the owners to walk with me back to my car so I could get their contact info in case of any major injuries to my dog,” he writes. “They turned around and jetted off the other direction…”

During the encounter, Szczepanowski was accompanied by his three and a half year old daughter who he says was fortunately unharmed. 

Victoria Buzz has reached out to the CRD and RCMP for further information.


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