Photo by Victoria Humane Society/Facebook

A little puppy at the Victoria Humane Society has passed away before he even got a chance to be named.

The chocolate brown pup was surrendered to the Humane Society on Wednesday after he ingested some mushrooms and fell ill.

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He was administered emergency transfusions and the Humane Society anticipated high medical costs and a long fight ahead.

At the time, the charitable organization issued a plea for donations on Facebook in order to afford treatment for the dog.

Unfortunately, despite best efforts of vets at the VCA Canada Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital, the puppy passed away on Thursday morning.

The Victoria Humane Society believes the dog ingested death cap mushrooms, but were not certain.

“Times like this are really hard for us, but when we see how many of you amazing people are behind us in taking the chance on one little puppy it makes it easier,” wrote the Humane Society, thanking those who donated to help them give him the best care possible.

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