Calling all gamers!

On November 1st – 2nd, Campus Honda is hosting a 24-hour video game marathon with over 20 games to choose from, in their bid to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that has been filling funding gaps and awareness for children’s hospitals across North America since 1983.

To support this worthy cause, Campus Honda is setting up an epic gaming area with a giant TV and gaming chairs in their boardroom that will be open to members of the public for a day-long video game marathon.

Those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes for this 24 hour event can also participate by gaming on a livestream setup on Twitch.

Depending on the game, participants can choose to play in single-player mode, against online bots, or against each other, regardless of whether they show up in person or join in during the livestream.


Throughout the 24-hour livestream, Campus Honda will be displaying a “Donate” button on the website which anyone can use to contribute funds to the cause.

Everyone who pitches in will then be entered to win incredible prizes like a 50″ TV, 4 gaming chairs, Best Buy gift cards, and more.

Players can choose between games like Mario Kart, Borderlands 3, Desert Bus, Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Souls 3, Super Smash Bros, and all of the Halo games.

Interested parties can sign up to play by adding their name to this online spreadsheet. And if it’s missing a game or console you really wanted to play, all you have to do is send an email to sespiloy@campusautos.com to have it added to the list!

Who’s game?

Campus Honda 24-Hour Video Game Marathon

  • When: 9 a.m., Friday November 1st – 9 a.m., Saturday November 2nd
  • Where: Campus Honda boardroom, 506 Finlayson Street, or online at this link.

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