Let’s be real – amidst the current global crisis, there is a high likelihood you’re spending more time on your phone.

Perhaps you’re working from home, staying in touch with friends and family, or just passing the time on social media – whatever it may look like for you, Blackapple Cellular has got you covered in the event your phone needs repair or you’re in need of an accessory – even with the current physical distancing guidelines in place.

The local cellphone repair shop is now offering now a unique phone pick up and delivery service, meaning if you have a broken phone screen, need a replacement or even a new charging cord – it’s all at your fingertips, without even leaving at the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how Blackapple’s phone pick up and delivery works in a few simple steps:

1. Call them at your nearest location

    • Downtown Location: (778) 440-3130
    • Uptown Location: (778) 406-0111
    • Langford Location: (778) 432-2277

2. Get a quote for repair and additional services

3. Pay via E-transfer – set up on phone call

4. A pick-up time is scheduled

5. Blackapple’s delivery driver – with all precautionary measures taken – picks up the device

6. The repair is completed – usually within 2 hours – and a drop-off is scheduled

With over 10 years of combined experience in the cellphone industry, Blackapple Cellular is the Island’s number one choice for phone, iPad and tablet repair and unlocks.

They understand and value the urgency of business and personal matters for which people depend on their cell phone, and take pride in providing legendary customer service, free information, repairs at fair prices with the fastest turnaround time possible.

For more home delivery of services like restaurant take out, groceries and more, make sure you download the Lucky to Go app on your phone – the all-in-one app allows customers to shop for over 1,000 household essentials!

Blackapple Cellular

  • Contact:
    • Downtown Location: (778) 440-3130
    • Uptown Location: (778) 406-0111
    • Langford Location: (778) 432-2277

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