(Fifth Street, Hillside Ave intersection/Google Maps)

After introducing similar measures at Beacon Hill Park, on Dallas Road, and in James Bay, the City of Victoria says temporary on-street parking restrictions will take effect in the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood this week.

The purpose is to extend the sidewalk space for pedestrians to be able to maintain physical distances while out and about.

Starting this week, parking will be restricted on segments of Fifth Street, between Hillside and Kings Roads next to the Quadra Village Shopping Centre.

“These temporary zones target sidewalk pinch-points to provide a safe space for people when they are out getting fresh air or when picking up important items,” said Mayor Lisa Helps during her daily briefing on Monday.

The changes will be demarcated with bollards, signs, and paint and letters will be sent to residents and business in the area to inform them about the measures.

The City of Victoria is also introducing temporary on-street parking bans in other city neighbourhoods near areas with grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential services and in Quadra Village, Cook Street Village, Fairfield, and Vic West.

Next in line is St. Charles Street around the Fairfield Shopping Plaza, where similar restrictions will be implemented next week.

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