Butchart Gardens Spring 2020 (ItkasanImages)

One of Greater Victoria’s biggest tourist attractions will soon be the latest business to adopt a mandatory face covering policy for visitors amid COVID-19.

Butchart Gardens says all patrons will be asked to wear a non-medical face mask or face covering starting October 1, 2020.

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Those who refuse to follow this mandatory new policy will be denied entry to the gardens, or be asked to leave.

Some exceptions to the rule include children under the age of two, patrons sitting inside their vehicles, and those who are seated and consuming food or drink.

Guests who are consuming take-away food or beverages are asked to use their discretion by maintaining appropriate physical distances from others and putting their masks back on once they are done.

Those who have a medical condition or disability that either prevents them from wearing a face covering outright, or putting one on or taking it off without assistance.

Like many businesses, Butchart Gardens closed their doors to the public in late March before reopening about a month later on May 1.

The outdoor National Historic Site has not had experienced any reports of community outbreaks or exposures since then.

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