Dallis Briet Wanted

VicPD say they recently spotted a man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant after his parole was revoked.

Dallis Briet is the subject of an ongoing VicPD Community Update Wanted Alert and officers are still working to locate him.

Police spotted Briet breaching conditions of parole yesterday, including a prohibition on being in or driving a vehicle.

Briet fled and officers held off their pursuit out of a concern for public safety and risk to nearby bystanders.

He has past arrests and convictions for offences including driving-related offences, possession of stolen property, break and enter and breaching conditions.

Briet is described as a 44-year-old white man, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a heavy build, weighing approximately 229 lbs.

He has blue eyes, one of which is a glass prosthetic, and short brown hair, which is greying at the temples and forms a widow’s peak.

He recently had a short, scruffy dark brown beard with salt and pepper areas.

VicPD emphasized that Briet is not the man who was pulled from the Inner Harbour and arrested on outstanding warrants.

Anyone who sees Briet is instructed not to approach him and to call 911.

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