Snow in Victoria (Ryan Holder / Instagram)

Naturally, 2020 couldn’t end quietly, so what better way than an epic day of snow, slush and rain to close out the year?

As predicted by Environment Canada, temperatures dropped and a band of moisture made its way through southern Vancouver Island on Monday.

Heavy rain quickly converted to heavy wet snow, causing flooding and power outages to thousands across Vancouver Island — many are still without as hydro crews work around the clock to restore the power.

While all of the chaos occurred, there is no denying that the snow made for a pretty scene across the region, and whether you’re delighted or annoyed by it, the beauty of pristine, white snow was a treat for all to feast their eyes upon.

Temperatures are expected to reach +6°C today, and with the sun out in full force, the snowy scenes will melt away.

Without further ado, here are 16 photos from the first snowfall of the season:

Let it snow!Downtown Victoria, Monday evening

Posted by Neil Dickie on Monday, December 21, 2020

The not so pretty but kind of pretty (minus the traffic chaos):