Tuesday, May 28, 2024

BC cannabis shops will be able to deliver products directly to your door starting next month


Cannabis retailers will soon be able to deliver non-medical cannabis products directly to customer’s doors.

Starting July 15th, adults will be allowed to receive delivery orders from licensed cannabis retailers.

Anyone who appears to be under 19 will have to present two pieces of identification.

The recipient will not have to be a resident at the address or the person who placed the order; however, they will have to provide their name and signature to take delivery.

This new change comes almost a year after the government allowed cannabis retail stores (CRS) to sell their products online.

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“Since the federal legalization of non-medical cannabis, we’ve been working to support a strong and diverse cannabis industry, shrink the illicit market and keep products out of the hands of children and youth,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

“Allowing direct delivery to consumers isn’t just an advantage retailers have told us is vital to the viability of their sector, it’s also a way we can further our public safety goals.”

BC is also removing security verification requirements for cannabis workers, which the province said will eliminate delays in hiring, benefiting business owners, and enable legal retailers to hire staff more quickly to implement delivery and reduce costs for industry and government.

The diversification of the cannabis industry is a move sought by the province to minimize criminal activity within the industry, according to the BC government.

“Since 2018, the government has completed security screening on more than 7,000 prospective cannabis workers and has not identified any significant risk of links to organized crime,” said the province in a statement.

“Prospective CRS licensees and their associates will remain subject to rigorous security screening when applying for a licence. As well, licensees face possible enforcement action and penalties if their staff contravene cannabis control laws and regulations or licensing terms and conditions.”

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