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The same workout that Madonna and Kim Kardashian use is now available in downtown Victoria


Have you heard of EMS training?

Because at Charge Fitness, that’s the name of their game!

If you’re looking for all of the workout in a fraction of the time (aren’t we all?), keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about it.

So what is EMS training?

To put it simply, EMS training requires you to wear a special suit during your workout.

While engaged in movement, the suit sends an electrical impulse to the muscles to stimulate them.

EMS works to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods.

Rather than meeting with your trainer 4-5 days a week, you are meeting with your trainer for two 20 minute sessions per week – that means saving you money while still getting the results you want!

Who is EMS good for?

In short – everyone! Whether you’re looking to save time, build muscle, or even need a low-impact workout due to pain or injury, EMS training is a safe and effective way to exercise.

In fact, there are some familiar faces that use this form of training just because it is so effective; Madonna, Kim Kardashian and even Heidi Klum just to name a few!

Even well-known professional athletes like Karim Benzima, Usain Bolt and Ronaldo (plus many others!) use EMS training.

Ready to take charge of your fitness?

You can book your training sessions online. Even better? Charge Fitness is offering an exclusive discount for 15% off your first 10 or 20 session pack when you mention this article. What are you waiting for?!

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