(UVic Giving Tuesday)

Giving Tuesday is back at UVic and, this year, there are 24 different ways to make a difference. 

Since 2016, UVic has participated in the global Giving Tuesday event. A celebration of philanthropy that brings the community together after the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Each year, the celebration helps to raise money toward various on campus clubs, departments and initiatives that support students, research and the community.

Over the past five years UVic’s Giving Tuesday events have helped to generate $399,600 for a variety of programs and projects.

On November 30th, join UVic’s Giving Tuesday campaign, ‘Project Add Sprinkles’ to make a difference in just twenty four hours through both online donations and in person activities. 

The event is not only for UVic students and alumni, however, the Greater Victoria community is invited to celebrate Giving Tuesday by giving back through The Great Giving Gram-Avalanche.

For a $5 donation, you can send someone who has made an impact in your life a Giving Gram. Not only will this gift let the person know how much they mean to you, the Giving Gram will also give them a chance to make a donation to a fund that will impact the community.

The first 250 Giving Grams that are sent will be gifted an additional $5 each, thank to generous sponsors, doubling your impact!

Now that you’re feeling philanthropic, send a Giving Gram to help support these 24 funds on Giving Tuesday:

Alumni Fund

The University of Victoria’s Alumni fund helps to enhance the quality of education and campus life as well as assist current students and recent graduates. 

CanAssist Fund- Assistive Technologies

CanAssist at the University of Victoria’s mission is to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. 

Donations help fund new, innovative technologies and programs for students on campus. These programs help to increase independence, foster a culture of inclusion and overall improve quality of life. 

Chair in Transgender Studies

The Chair in Transgender Studies fund helps to facilitate activities of interest to trans, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, and other gender-diverse people as well as their allies. The Fund helps to improve well being, drive social change and build healthy communities. 

University 101

Continuing Studies ‘University 101’ fund helps to remove barriers to learning. 

University 101 is a free, non-credit academic course that introduces students to a wide range of university topics. The fund also helps to provide resources such as bus fare, childcare subsidies and meals. 

Centre for Outreach Education Fund (CORE)

The Centre for Outreach Education Fund supports CORE club, which helps local children reach their full potential. 

The club, which is offered to families free of charge, pairs children who have learning needs with students in UVic’s Teacher Education program to provide one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

2030 Initiative

Did you know women make up only 18% of the Engineering and Computer science student body? 

The 2030 initiative aims to increase the percentage of licensed women engineers in Canada to 30% by 2030.

When you donate to the fund, you are donating to community outreach initiatives, awards and mentorship programs for new and current studies and co-op opportunities. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Community Outreach Fund 

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Community Outreach Fund works to create spaces for meaningful conversations to support Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism on campus and in the community.

Faculty of Fine Arts Indigenous Student Award

The Faculty of Fine Arts Indigenous Student Award supports Indigenous undergraduate students in Fine Arts and helps to remove barriers to their education. 

The fund remembers and honours all of the victims of the Canadian Indian Residential School System.

Giving Tuesday Fund

The Giving Tuesday fund helps to support student led events, activities and clubs. 

Donate to the Giving Tuesday Fund to give sprinkles to show how everyone’s actions combined make a big difference across campus.

Campus Sustainability Fund

The Campus Sustainability Fund helps to support sustainability initiatives on campus and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. 

This endowment is invested in the Fossil Fuel Free Fund to further support UVic’s commitment to sustainability. 

Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI) Fund

Donations to The Gustavson School of Business’ CSSI Fund contributes to including sustainability and social responsibility in university coursework, host and attend events, challenges and competitions. 

Youth in Care Living Expenses Fund

When you donate to the Youth In Care Living Expenses Fund you’re helping to remove barriers for Youth in Care to pursue university education. 

By donating, you help these students cover their basic needs such as rent, groceries, books and more.

Murray Dawson Graduate Fellowship in Humanities

Donations to The Murray Dawson Fellowship help support graduate research in the Faculty of Humanities. 

The fund also assists graduate students who may not qualify for other scholarships and funding pursue their graduate studies.

Itotelnewtel Lte: Learning From One Another – Elders Engagement

Donations to the Elders Engagement Fund create opportunities for students, faculty and staff to have access to Elders’ knowledge and teachings through events, seminars, classroom visits, elder honorariums, meetings with local community groups and more. 

International Student Support Fund

The International Student Support Fund, International Centre for Students, helps to support International students at UVic and create a more inclusive environment. 

Now more than ever, International students are looking for connection and support as they pursue their education during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Neuroscience Grad Student Association

Help support students’ dreams in neuroscience by contributing to the Island Medical Program’s Neuroscience Grad Student Association fund. 

The Association connects students within the faculty through newsletters, social events, guest lectures and seminars. 

Law Student Emergency Fund

The Faculty of Law’s Law Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to students who find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. 

Donations to this fund help to support the student and prevent disruption or ending of their education in difficult times. 

Solid Carbon Project

Ocean Networks Canada is a world leader in ocean observing technology. 

Their Solid Carbon Project brings together an international team and a century of CO2 capture technology to deliver a new, renewable powered, offshore negative emissions technology (NET) by 2040. 

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Student Award

For more than forty years, UVic students have participated in research, courses, workshops and field trips at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. 

By donating to the Faculty of Science’s Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Student Award, you will help students access these real-life, hands-on learning opportunities. 

University 102

The Faculty of Social Science’s ‘University 102’ fund helps to remove barriers to learning. 

University 102 is a free, non-credit academic course that introduces students to the social sciences. The fund also helps to provide resources such as bus fare, childcare subsidies and meals. 

Centre for Accessible Learning

By donating to the Student Affairs’ Centre for Accessible Learning Fund, you are supporting educational equity and accessibility for students with disabilities and chronic health conditions. 

Donations support the Centre for Accessible Learning’s efforts to provide academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities, mental health issues, chronic conditions and more to overcome barriers to education. 

Digital Initiatives Fund-Library

Over the past two years, students and faculty have had to adjust to a new way of learning. 

The UVic Libraries’ Digital Initiatives Fund recognizes there are many new barriers in an online learning environment. 

Donations to the fund help to provide digital fluency workshops, innovative digital services and can be put toward purchasing technology such as additional laptops. 

Research Accelerator Fund

Donations to the Research Accelerator Fund help to expand UVic’s community-engaged research efforts. 

This research is focused on addressing urgent needs at a local, national and international level. 

Alumni Association Bursary for Active, Healthy Living

Vikes Athletics’ Alumni Association Bursary for Active, Healthy Living helps to support physical and mental health of UVic students even after they have graduated. 

The Fund helps to offset the costs of membership to the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) for those who receive it. 

If you have questions regarding UVic’s Giving Tuesday or any of the funds listed, you can contact the UVic Development Office at 250-418-5140 or by email at givingtuesday@uvic.ca.


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