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Cost of living for a single person in Victoria is now $3,494/month


Not surprisingly, Victoria is now the third most expensive place to live in Canada.

According to Expatistan, for a single person living in Victoria the average cost of living is now $3,494/month. 

Expatistan is one of the largest cost-of-living databases in the world. Its database is constantly updated in a collaborative way by contributors all over the world.

The only cities more expensive than Victoria are, predictably, Toronto in second ($4,164/month) and Vancouver in first ($4,621/month). 

This report also claims that for a family of four, the cost of living is $6,457/month.

For accommodations Expatistan says:

  • Monthly rent in a normal area–900 square feet: $2,250
  • Monthly rent in a normal area–480 square feet: $1,532

Not only does Expatistan list the average cost of living in general, but it also gives a thorough breakdown of what it costs for certain things Victorians buy and services they use every day:

  • The average lunch (including a drink) is: $22
  • The average bottle of good red wine is: $22
  • The average Big Mac meal (or similar) in fast food restaurant is: $12
  • The average pair of Levi’s jeans is: $91
  • The average monthly pass for public transit is: $84
  • The average box of tampons is: $9
  • The average cocktail from somewhere downtown is: $15
  • The average gym membership is: $57

How does your reality stack up against the averages listed by Expatisan? Let us know in the comments!

Curtis Blandy

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