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Thursday, December 7, 2023


Experts predict BC to have slow economic growth as they look ahead to 2024

Due to high interest rates.

Five Vancouver Island communities may face additional taxes on their homes next year

As part of the speculation tax.

Here’s three things the Canadian government is going to do to improve affordability this...

Groceries, housing and mental health care! 🤞

Inflation rate drops slightly while food and housing prices worsen: StatCan

Largely due to the cost of gas coming down.

BC views federal pause on carbon tax to help people save money as ‘unfortunate’

The feds also doubled rebates for rural communities.

David Eby joins other premiers in plead to feds for extension of small business...

Over 123,000 businesses received a CEBA loan.

Canada’s inflation rises to 4% since last year due to increases in gas, groceries...

Gas is up to nearly $2 per litre!

5 ways Canada’s Budget 2023 could save you some cash

Free dental care, grocery rebates and more!

VicPD butts heads with Victoria and Esquimalt councils over proposed budget

The police force sought a 10% increase, while other departments are seeking 7%.

10 things you need to know about the BC NDP’s 2023 budget

Free birth control, renter’s credit and more!

Property tax in Sidney to increase by nearly 5% in 2023

The RCMP’s budget makes up 16% of the drafted budget this year.

Here’s how much yearly income you need to get a mortgage in Victoria

“It’s never been so unaffordable to buy a home.”
living wage

BC poll finds 40% of residents are struggling to keep up with the cost...

71% are struggling to save for retirement.

Here’s why most BC residents GST credit came with additional funds this month

To help deal with inflation.

Report shows financial stress is keeping 50% of Canadians from sleeping

Having trouble sleeping? 😴

Victoria’s basic living wage has reached an all time high of $24.29 per hour

Nearly $4 an hour more than last year.

Watchdog agency launches study as Victoria’s grocery prices climb amid record high inflation

Prices are growing at the fastest rate in 40 years.

Double your dollars: Canada’s GST credit increase receives approval

Many will receive a payment on November 4th.

Cost of living for a single person in Victoria is now $3,494/month

Time to get a third job! 💸
Starbucks Masks

Living wage significantly higher than minimum wage in Victoria (REPORT)

Over $20/hr is currently considered a “liveable” wage here.

DVBA highlights resiliency of Victoria’s downtown businesses during pandemic

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) was rated highest among businesses.

BC Budget 2021: Largest mental health investment included in BC’s 2021 budget

The Province promised $500 million for mental health initiatives.
Real estate

The average price for a single-family home in Victoria is currently $932,000

And people are still buying them! 😳

B.C. comes closest among provinces to pre-COVID employment levels

Growth was slower than in previous months, however.
BC Legislature

B.C. extends emergency COVID-19 supplements for those on disability, low-income seniors

Those on CERB or EI are not eligible.

B.C. has recovered 58% of jobs lost at the height of COVID-19 pandemic

The provincial unemployment rate is now at 11.1%
Fairmont Empress

B.C. tourism industry seeking $680 million to recover from COVID-19 pandemic

The sector is set to see a 69% decrease in revenue this year

B.C. projecting “staggering” $12.5 billion budget deficit due to COVID-19

"This could be the worst downturn experienced by our province in recent history," says Minister Carole James.
One-bedroom rates in Victoria are on the up

B.C. extends temporary rental supplement until August 2020

The freeze on evictions for non-payment of rent also remains in place, but evictions for other reasons will be allowed later this month

Insurance in BC costs 42% more than it does in Alberta (REPORT)

A new driver would pay ICBC $4,319 a year to insure a Honda Civic, the report says
$5 bill

Nominations are now open for the new face of Canada’s $5 bill

No fictional characters allowed!

Province grants $350,000 to help Victoria host basketball tournament

That’s a lot of Air Jordans.

6 million Canadians affected in Capital One credit card security breach

As well as roughly 100 million Americans.

Minimum wage in BC will increase by $1.20 this Saturday

Wages for liquor servers, resident caretakers and live-in camp leaders are also going up

Adulting 101: 9 ways to help you handle debt like a boss

Hint: A LOT of them have to do with credit cards!

Adulting 101: 8 tips you need to know before buying a home in Victoria

#7: Pre-qualifying is a thing!

Canada Revenue Agency site goes down amidst tax season

As if filing taxes wasn’t fun enough already 🙄
BC Legislature

BC now has the 9th highest personal income tax in all of North America

We also have the highest carbon tax in both Canada and the US.

Canada’s new vertical $10 banknote will go into circulation next week (PHOTOS)

With a portrait of the first Canadian woman to ever be featured on a regular banknote

Province takes further step towards eliminating MSP premiums

It's official: the Employer Health Tax will come into effect on January 1st, 2019

BC government seeks public input on building Budget 2019

What would you like to see in the province's budget for next year?

50% of BC workers live paycheque to paycheque (SURVEY)

And 39% say they spend all of their net pay