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BC Liberal Party officially changing their name to BC United


The BC Liberals will soon have a new name.

Over 8,000 members of the BC Liberal Party cast a vote on whether or not to change the name of the party to between Sunday and Tuesday this week. 

In the end, 80% of the party members that voted on the name change voted in favour of their new name, BC United. 

“For more than twenty years, our party’s name has been a constant topic of debate. A strong vote for BC United marks a new beginning,” said Kevin Falcon, Party Leader. 

“I’m excited to move forward as BC United because it really reflects our big tent party, united for a common purpose of making life better for British Columbians.”

The BC Liberals engaged with its membership on the topic of a name change and asked them for submissions on what the party should change its name to. They received over 2,000 suggestions from their members. 

Of those suggestions BC United was the favourite among party members across the province. 


BC Liberals could change their name by the end of the year

“In keeping with the commitments we’ve made, all of our members had the opportunity to vote as to whether they wanted to change the party name to BC United, or to remain as the BC Liberals,” said John Yap, President of the BC Liberal Party. 

“After extensive consultation, and with 80% approval from our membership, I’m pleased to see support for the new name surpassed all expectations and is the clear choice of our members.”

The party says that a new name is just one aspect of an overhaul the province’s Liberals are currently implementing. 

“From new, dynamic leadership to talented, passionate candidates and smart, outcomes-based policies, we’re working hard to demonstrate real, comprehensive renewal right across the board,” said Caroline Elliott, Vice-President of the BC Liberal Party. 

Now that the vote is complete on the name change, the party will put ‘BC United’ through a constitutional ratification process. This is expected to happen early in the new year according to the party. 

After that, the party will implement new logos and branding for the new name. 

The party says that BC United has already been registered with Elections BC. They will retain ownership of the domains and all associated properties relating to the BC Liberal name to avoid others gaining ownership. 

On Wednesday, November 17th the BC NDP shared their thoughts on the name change.

“Kevin Falcon can change his party’s name but not his 12-year record of choices that made life harder for people,” said Niki Sharma, BC NDP MLA.

“He handed tax giveaways to the richest 1% and big corporations and made everyone else pay for it. He cut funding for hospitals and schools. He hiked MSP premiums and ICBC rates.”

“No matter what he calls his party, he’s still working for the wealthy and well-connected and would make everyone else pay the price.”

Currently in the Legislature, the BC Liberals hold 27 seats compared to the BC NDP’s 57, the BC Green’s 2 seats and one independent MLA seat. 

Curtis Blandy

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