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This new interactive Christmas light tour takes you on a journey through Victoria’s inner harbour (CONTEST)


The Polar Express is a mere fantasy we’d all like to experience, but Victoria Harbour Ferry makes it seem like a reality.

Victoria Harbour Lights: A Winter Dream invites you into a whimsical audio and visual story that is beautifully choreographed to lights, music, narration and impressive video projection. 

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you’re in luck—we’ve partnered with Victoria Harbour Ferry to give away tickets to one lucky winner, and you’ll find those contest details below!

As the 45-minute ride begins, the captain of the Harbour Ferry welcomes guests with warm conversation making you feel comfortable and cozy on the heated vessel. For extra coziness all you need to do is request a blanket. 

Once everyone is settled in, a land acknowledgement plays to remind us of the land we are on and the beauty it offers. 

Then the journey through this winter dream begins. 

Warm Christmas music plays with a soft narration to begin the story. Telling passengers of what the true meaning of Christmas is in poetic prose that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy.

While the narration begins, the boat meanders through the inner harbour slowly to give you the best chance to see all the docked boats and their light displays with a lit up downtown as a backdrop.

Then, the ferry will progress beneath the Johnson Street bridge, to the first set of intermittently dimming soft purple lights. You might even get lucky and be a few feet away from a massive heron, as I was when I went on this winter journey. 

The first stop is at United Engineering, whose building is the first backdrop for an awe-inspiring introduction to the story of a child’s Christmas experience. 

Their parents are having a Christmas party. There’s jazzy renditions of Christmas classics, there’s dancing and the dialogue will bring you back to your own childhood. 


The ferry captain will ensure everyone can see to the best of their ability throughout the magnificent display, all you need to do is raise your hand if you cannot see and they will spin the vessel to allow you to get a peek. 

After the Christmas party is all done and everyone in the story has had enough eggnog, you are taken slightly further into the upper harbour. 

Just around the corner reveals a beautifully lit Christmas tree display, over 20-feet tall. 

Here you’ll hear more poetic narration and hear more from the child at the centre of the story as they reluctantly fall asleep the night Santa Claus comes to town.

Victoria Harbour Lights: A Winter Dream continues through the harbour, revealing several more beautiful light displays that reflect radiantly over the dark ocean water and the projected displays only continue to impress. 

All the while your captain seamlessly coordinates the ferry through a delightful choreographed routine. 

On the way back to the inner harbour, you will be left with a warm feeling in your heart and maybe even a tear in your eye.  

The ferry’s last parting gift is a historic tidbit about the inner harbour and why Victoria is where it is, courtesy of the Ralmax Group.

“We are thrilled to be a fully year-round business operation now ‘Victoria Harbour Lights: A Winter Dream’ is our first serious commitment to helping build a tourism market in the winter season,” said Barry Hobbis, General Manager Victoria Harbour Ferry.

“We are excited to share the joy of a Victoria Harbour Ferry ride and to introduce to Victoria two amazing technology companies that include masterful story-tellers and Hollywood Studios-trained animators.”

“The lights are being installed now and the video elements are all coming together. Come December 2nd, we are in for an awesome experience as we bring the holiday season to life in the upper harbour.”

Tickets for the 45-minute experience start at $10 for kids and $35 for adults and can be purchased online. Multiple 45-minute time slots are available. 



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Contest closes on December 9th—one winner will be drawn from the platform in which they entered. Good luck!

Contest Guidelines

Victoria Harbour Lights: A Winter Dream

  • When: Tours run from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. daily
  • Where: Empress Dock, Inner Harbour
  • Tickets: Available online
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