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Sooke resident competes in new reality TV series to help inspire victims of domestic abuse


Life hasn’t been easy for Sooke resident Rachael Spurling, but that hasn’t stopped her from fighting for a rewarding future.

The former hairdresser turned boxer has used the sport to motivate her through a troubled past. 

Now competing in the first season of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge, Spurling says the opportunity has taught her that she can overcome any challenge she faces. 

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“When there’s discomfort, there’s growth from it. You can go through the ringer and still come out victorious. It’s crazy. Once you hit that point where you see that you can do this stuff you learn that you’re unstoppable,” says Rachael Spurling. 

After making it through to the semi-finals, Spurling tells Victoria Buzz, while the competitions were nerve-wracking, the greatest challenge she faced was being away from her nine-year-old son for three months of competition. 

“I spent quite a long time away from him. That was really hard for me and I didn’t realize how hard that would be. It was a huge sacrifice I had to make,” says Spurling. 

Although spending time away from her loved ones while competing, Spurling wants the adversity she’s faced to help inspire women trying to overcome challenges in their personal lives.

“I just want one woman to see it and be inspired. If they are in an abusive situation, and it is really hard to get out. I hope at least one woman sees the show and thinks she was in that situation and look at her now,” says Spurling.

While the Spurling has now reached the semi-finals, she remains tightlipped on what’s to come. 

In the meantime, she is looking forward to competing in four more amateur boxing matches before she begins teaching boxing and fitness to women in shelters. 

To watch past and upcoming episodes of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge can be viewed on CBC Gem.

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