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RCMP release men who caused lockdowns at two Colwood schools without charges


On April 27th, two schools were sent into ‘hold in place’ lockdown procedure after West Shore RCMP had numerous reports of two men with a rifle in a wooded area of Colwood. 

At around 2:30 p.m., the reports started coming in of the men with the gun who were seen near College Road and Thetis Crescent. 

Because of the close proximity to Royal Roads University and École John Stubbs Memorial School, both schools issued a hold in place protocol.


At around 3:30 p.m. the search for the men ended with police arresting two men they confirmed to be in possession of an airsoft rifle that looked convincingly realistic.

On April 28th, West Shore RCMP concluded their investigation and released the two men without any charges. 

The two men aged 20 and 21-year-old told police they had just purchased the airsoft rifle and wanted to try it out in a wooded area in which they were arrested. 

The two oblivious young men told police the rifle was never pointed at anyone or purposely used to intimidate or threaten anyone.

Police say they made sure to make the two men realize the gravity of the situation they caused and the fear instilled upon those affected by the hold in place protocol.

The rifle was confiscated by police and the two men apologized to police before being released without charges.

“We would like to remind the public that although replica firearms themselves are not illegal, if they are used in the commission of an offence you can be facing weapons-related charges,” said Cpl. Nancy Saggar, West Shore RCMP Media Relations Officer. 

“Please be mindful of your actions and surroundings when possessing such items.”

Curtis Blandy

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