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Cameron Bluffs wildfire grows to 254 hectares while moving away from HWY 4


The Cameron Bluffs wildfire, located south of Cameron Lake on Vancouver Island, has expanded to 254 hectares as of this weekend, marking an increase from its previous size of 208 hectares on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the heavy rainfall experienced on Friday night and Saturday did little to alleviate the situation, and with rising temperatures expected, the conditions may worsen.

In an official statement released on Saturday, the BC Wildfire Service provided updates on the situation. They mentioned that the Cameron Bluffs wildfire is situated above Highway 4 and continues to burn.

The recent cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity have helped reduce fire behavior, aiding the suppression efforts.

Presently, there are approximately 60 firefighters, four helicopters, eight pieces of heavy equipment, and one Incident Management Team assigned to combat this wildfire. While the blaze does not pose an immediate threat to structures, it is impacting Highway 4.

Highway 4 is a crucial transportation route connecting Port Alberni, Ucluelet, and Tofino to the rest of Vancouver Island. The stretch of highway has been closed for a week.

As of Monday June 12th, Highway 4 continues to be inaccessible at Cameron Lake Bluffs due to safety concerns. A detour has been established for commercial vehicles and individuals who have essential travel needs.

In a statement, the BC government said ongoing evaluations are being conducted to monitor the risk of falling trees and debris on the highway, as well as to assess the stability of the slopes.

Unfortunately, there is currently no available estimate for when the highway will be reopened, which has been closed since June 6th.

Daily scheduled convoys continue along the detour route for commercial vehicles carrying essential goods and services. Checkpoints are in place along the detour route to provide information for essential travellers. A map of checkpoints has been made available.

Cameron Bluffs wildfire (V70600) – June 8, 2023

The Cameron Bluffs wildfire (V70600) continues to burn south of Cameron Lake in very steep terrain above Highway 4. Its last estimated size is 208 hectares. Today’s cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity has decreased fire behaviour, which is aiding suppression efforts. Currently, there are about 60 firefighters, four helicopters, eight pieces of heavy equipment and one Incident Management Team (IMT) assigned to this wildfire. This wildfire does not pose an immediate threat at this time; however, it continues to impact Highway 4. Please refer to for information on closures and detour routes.Further incident details are available online:

Posted by BC Wildfire Service on Friday, June 9, 2023

As of this publication, there are three other fires burning on the island but all are deemed under control or have been doused.

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