(Courtesy of Jean Paetkau)

What better way to celebrate a successful book release than with a book signing?

On September 1st, Jean Paetkau’s book, Blood on the Breakwater, became available on Amazon and has since climbed to #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list!

To celebrate, Paetkau is hosting a book signing event and formal book launch on Saturday, September 16th at James Bay Market.

(Cover art for Blood on the Breakwater)

The idea for Blood on the Breakwater blossomed with each daily walk along the Ogden Point breakwater—she would capture stunning photographs at sunrise or sunset. 

Her story begins with a journalist finding a body washed up on the lower pathway of the breakwater. The journalist recognizes the corpse and begins diving into the possible motive behind murdering a museum curator for a 19th century Victoria painter.

As described, the story is filled with humour, humanity, and a classic ‘whodunit’ murder in need of solving. It includes entertaining commentary on west coast life in a beautiful post-colonial tourist town that is going through 21st century growing pains.

Jean Paetkau, an award winning journalist and screenwriter—including a Leo Award for her work with APTN and a 2022 Jack Webster award. She has three children’s books available for purchase on Amazon, Indigo, and at Russell Books. She has also written numerous humorous essays The Globe and Mail and works for CBC Radio. 

(Jean Paetkau posing with her new book: full image)

It is said that she used to read a lot of murder mysteries as a kid, and found great pleasure in solving the puzzles presented in each whodunit novel. 

She always knew she would write something like it and wanted to honour the community by featuring one of Victoria’s own locations. 

So, come meet the author, celebrate local literature, and challenge yourself to a fictional murder mystery puzzle that features the famous Ogden Point!

Jean Paetkau Book Launch

  • Where: 494 Superior Street
  • When: Saturday, September 16th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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