Monday, June 24, 2024

Multiple bear sightings prompts safety warning from Saanich Police


Saanich Police Department have issued a public alert regarding multiple bear sightings in the Carey neighbourhood, particularly in the area of Jamine Avenue.

Residents are urged to exercise caution and refrain from approaching or antagonizing these wild animals.

Const. Sean Kay emphasized the importance of coexisting with wildlife responsibly.

“Please ‘bear’ in mind that loose garbage, compost, and uncollected produce from fruit trees can attract wildlife from their natural habitats to more urban settings,” he stated.

Bear sightings in suburban areas are not uncommon, especially when bears are drawn to readily available food sources.

Saanich Police are collaborating with the BC Conservation Service to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of both residents and the bears.

If you happen to encounter a bear in the Carey neighbourhood or its vicinity, contact Saanich police at 250-475-4321


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