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A Canada-wide march on every Legislature across the country is planned for next week in which anti-trans protesters will call upon provincial governments to impose anti-trans laws.

The anti-trans protest is organized by Concerned Canadians Standing Together Against Gender Ideology in Schools (CCSTAGIS) and they want provincial and federal governments to ban gender ideology and the overt sexualized materials in Canadian K-12 schools. 

For those reasons they are marching on the BC Legislature on Wednesday, September 20th.

In spite of this event, a local activist and member to the trans community wants to hold his own rally and show that it’s community will continually show up to remind these people that they exist and their existence is valid. 

“There’s been an uproar in anti-trans legislation in America which has led to a lot of anti-trans protests in Canada and a lot of action in other places showing support with those anti-trans legislations,” Belial, organizer of the counter protest told Victoria Buzz. 

Back in May, Belial had attended a protest of Jordan Petersen’s performance at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre that he believed to be crucial to show up for his community.  

Petersen has been openly misogynistic and transphobic on X (Twitter) and frequently speaks out in opposition to non-binary gender identity and the notion of transgender people’s existence. 

The trans-solidarity is an important one because it is directly tied to the safety of folks who are disproportionately targeted in gender-based violence which often leads to death. 

“[Anti-trans legislation] is a problem for our community and for people who have issues with, like, if someone who has parents who are transphobic or homophobic and having schools being permitted to tell a student’s parents that the student is trans… it could be a huge safety issue for that student,” Belial explained. 

Belial doesn’t know how many anti-trans protesters will be in attendance, but hopes to garner a massive crowd of activists, members of the queer community and anyone who wants to uplift and validate 2SLGBTQI+ Victorians. 

The counter protest will be taking place at the same time as the anti-trans protest and they will be showing up to try and get more supports from the government and health care system that will aid trans folks mental and physical well-being. 

“We want to have accessible [hormone therapy] and be able to be ourselves and be comfortable with ourselves and these groups are trying to deny us that,” Belial said.

“Even though it’s completely legal, they are trying to take that away. Even though the Canadian government literally shamed America for doing it,” he continued. 

It told Victoria Buzz that the current system in place for hormone therapy (HRT) isn’t accessible enough and is often denied to those with mental health issues, when the solution to those problems might be to have their gender affirmed by the HRT. 

“It’s just ridiculous that they’re trying to take something away from us that isn’t great already,” it stated.

Belial’s peaceful counter protest will have a speaker system so it’s group will be able to share art, poetry and music that is trans-affirming with one another and show the protesters that their community is one built on love and community. 

Prior to the protest there will be a half-hour of time dedicated to making protest signs at the BC Legislature.

Belial told Victoria buzz all are welcome to come who wish to be there and there will be designated people to be there as de-escalators to ensure the safety of all counter protesters. 

“If you want to show support and you want to show that you care to help and acknowledge what we’re going through just by coming, showing up and being there, come,” he said. 

“Starting a conversation, all of it is super helpful.”

Trans Rights are Human Rights Peaceful Counter Protest

  • Where: BC Legislature, 501 Belleville Street
  • When: Sign making from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., action from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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