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‘Slay of the Living Dead’: There’s a Halloween drag experience coming to Victoria


Looking for the ultimate Halloween experience?

Drag, storytelling, horror, drama—there’s no better combination!

Drag in Concept is bringing all of this and more to their new theatrical experience, ‘Slay of the Living Dead’ on Monday, October 30th.

Drag in Concept are the creators of smash-hit, ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ which debuted in July and sold out, leaving audiences desperate for more. 

Now, back with another breathtaking adventure, they’ll once again take over Wicket Hall, but with a horrific and bloody twist—adding their own staple to the Halloween season. 

“Heartbreak Hotel was such a success that our only option was to raise the stakes, raise the bar and come back to raise the roof with our next show,” said cast member Henrietta Dubét.

“Halloween—otherwise known as Gay Christmas—was the perfect opportunity to come back with a bang.”

(Shelita Cox / Photo by KZ Photography)

As described, the story follows four hapless drag queens as they attempt to save the city of Victoria from a zombie outbreak that has taken nearly everyone. Never sure of who is a friend or foe, can these dazzling yet dim ladies of drag find a cure and save the world? Join Drag in Concept to find out in this jukebox-storytelling drag show unlike any other!

Join the wonderful stars Aria Okay, Henrietta Dubét, Jackbox Jayne and Ket Bush and special guests Bad Shah, Boy Gorgeous, Eddi Licious, Papa Pill, Peaches n’ Screams, Shelita Cox, and Sylvester Stalletto for this one-of-a-kind show.

(Eddi Licious / Photo by KZ Photography)

“The lineup for this show is incredible,” said cast member Aria Okay.

“With a cast ranging from high-glam drag queens to electrifying drag monsters to deadly cool kings, Slay of the Living Dead shows off the diversity of drag talent our city has to offer.”

There will also be a signature one-night-only cocktail menu ready for your consumption and enjoyment—the cherry on top to this unforgettable night of horror!

Tickets start at $28 and you can purchase them in advance here

This is a 19+ show, so leave your kidlets at home!

Slay of the Living Dead

  • Where: Wicket Hall, 919 Douglas Street
  • When: Monday, October 30th
    • Doors: 6:30 p.m.
    • Spotlight Showcase: 7:30 p.m.
    • Main show: 8:30 p.m.

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